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All About the GURU

No other fitting system can compare to the GURU.  Period.  When used by a great fitter (ahem), this motorized and computerized system is unparalleled.  You've never seen anything like it. You’ve never FELT anything like it!

The GURU system uses a 3D camera to capture instant remote body measurements with, no touch, no markers, no stick-on sensors.  Five remote controlled motors instantly change all aspects of your position, letting you feel the exact fit and compare it with an unlimited number of others. 

We can simulate riding uphill or downhill so you can see how your selected fit feels on different terrain.  We can rapidly switch handlebars, saddles, and virtual stems, but the system also includes adjustable cranks, so that we can confirm the crank length you have, or determine that you need a change.

In just the past month, we’ve installed several revisions to the GURU program that significantly improve reporting.  And Pedal Power is among the first shops to receive a new GURU module: a pre-release version of GURU's Range of Right Motion Capture Video system.  Of course, as with all video capture systems, it will require stick-on sensors, so we'll only use it when we must.